Shaw and Partners 20 Beaches Ocean Classic - Race Info


Date: Saturday 7th December

Start Location: Station Beach or Fishermans Beach
Finish Location: Station Beach or Fishermans Beach

Presentation: Narrabeen SLSC Club

Start Time: We shall be looking to optimise conditions on race day. The start of the race will between 9.30am and 12.30pm. The start time will be confirmed in the lead up to the race.

Entry Includes - Shirt, Hat, Dinner and a Drink at the after race party

Prize Money

All prize money to be distributed as below so long as the category has a minimum of 5 participants. To receive prize money you must attend the Post Race Function at Narrabeen SLSC.

Prize pool.png


To provide a protected start/finish, good facilities and parking, we shall start and finish the race at Fisherman's Beach and Station Beach.

Southern Course

Course 1a.png

Northern Course

Course 2a.png


Individual: $120 until midnight Fri 8th Nov, $160 until midnight Fri 29th Nov, then $200 until the race

Doubles: $180 until midnight Fri 8th Nov, $240 until midnight Fri 29th Nov, then $300 until the race

U19 Free


Individual Categories

Ski Open Male
Ski Open Female
Ski Under 19 Male
Ski Under 19 Female
Ski Over 40 Male
Ski Over 40 Female
Ski Over 50 Male
Ski Over 50 Female
Ski Over 60 Male
SLSA Spec Ski’s Male
SLSA Spec Ski’s Female
SUP Open Male
SUP Open Female
OC1 Open Male
OC1 Open Female
Prone Paddleboard Open Male
Prone Paddleboard Open Female

Team Categories

Double Team - Male (2 participants)
Double Team - Female (2 participants)
Double Team - Mixed (2 participants)

Craft Transportation

Craft Transportation.JPG

Ski Hire

If you need to hire a ski contact Oceanpaddler

0422 554 965