We are excited to announce the return of the 20 Beaches Ocean Classic to the Australian Ocean Racing Calendar, with the 2018 edition set to be held on December 15th off the coast of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  The return of the 20 Beaches Classic has come about through the efforts made by a passionate group of paddlers, better known as “The Spooners” here in Sydney, who share the desire to see this race return to its position as one of the World’s best.

The 20 Beaches Ocean Classic is one of the most iconic Ocean Paddling races in Australia since first held in 1990 and run by the Manly Warringah Kayak Club. Traditionally raced from Manly to Palm Beach in a Southerly or Palm Beach to Manly in a North Easterly, the 20 Beaches Ocean Classic has attracted the cream of Australia’s best Ocean Paddlers, who vie to hold up the coveted Steve Wood Trophy.  The Steve Wood Trophy is decorated with some of the legends of our sport who have dominated this race including, Dean Gardiner (1990,1992), Tim Jacobs (2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2013) Jeremy Cotter (2007, 2009, 2013), Murray Stewart (2008, 2012) & Clint Robinson (2011). Beyond the leading pack of competitors, the 20 Beaches Ocean Classic always provides a fantastic opportunity for paddlers to test their Ocean Racing skills on the challenging point-to-point racetrack.

The 2018 20 Beaches Ocean Classic will be run in partnership with Dean Gardiner and Yanda Morison from Ocean Paddler and will also include an all-day weather window to ensure the race will be held in the best possible conditions.

Another cool feature of this year’s race is the inaugural 20 Beaches Party to be held at the Bavarian at Manly Wharf on the evening of December 15th, which is guaranteed to be an awesome event in its own right!

Standby for more exciting announcements about this great race, however in the meantime, lock this race into your calendar!

If you have any suggestions on how to deliver a great event. Please let us know your ideas.

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The 20 Beaches Foundation

The idea behind the 20 Beaches Foundation is to run a great Ocean paddling race along the 20 Beaches and in the process help take care of our beautiful coastline from Manly to Palm Beach.  The 20 Beaches Foundation is a Not For Profit organisation.

The profit from any 20 Beaches Ocean Series event would go to The 20 Beaches Foundation and be used to promote its objects as set out below.  Any losses would be funded by donations.  Each director and member of the 20 Beaches Foundation fulfils their office or role on a voluntary basis.

 The Foundation's object is to pursue the following charitable purposes:

(a) the protection, enhancement and conservation of the beaches, headlands, coastal formations, marine parks and nature reserves between, and including, Manly and Palm Beach which form part of the natural environment in New South Wales, Australia (20 Beaches);

(b) the provision of information and education about the protection, enhancement and conservation of the 20 Beaches;

(c) to make reasonable efforts to ensure the 20 Beaches are not polluted or misused; (d) to promote and encourage community engagement and public awareness of environmental matters concerning the 20 Beaches by organising and co-ordinating a range of activities and events including, without limitation: (i) beach clean-up campaigns; (ii) marine wildlife protection activities; (iii) public information dissemination; and (iv) beach and ocean activities, including without limitation, ocean paddling events; 

(e) to provide support to other organisations that are registered charities which have objects that relate to community engagement or environmental awareness; and

(f) to do such things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects set out in this clause.