“20 Beaches 2018 Event”

Overall Program Assistance

The “20 Beaches” event draws one of Australia’s biggest number of entries, as it is a great Ocean paddling challenge for all levels of experience.  The event has been revitalised after running for many years.  I have paddled the race several times and won both the Single and Double Class as well as programming several people to compete and complete the event.  I have fine-tuned a program that will prepare you well for this race.

The weather on the day of the event will determine the race direction and a variety of challenges.  The rebounding water off the cliffs along the coast line can be particularly challenging, which you will need to prepare for in your training in case this occurs on the day of the race.

The program I have prepared is based on my 35+ years of Ocean experience and has been tailored to suit this event.

The 12-week program for the event goes through 3 x 4-week cycles, so you will reach an improved quality of performance for the event.

The program includes strength and cross training sessions, as these areas are vital in good preparation for your overall physical performance. I have included some options in the way you can do this, so your overall fitness can be tailored to suit your needs and capabilities.

The Saturday morning sessions are a vital part to the weekly layout, as it prepares you for the distance of the race and gets you into the Ocean Runners to keep developing the skills just in case the wind blows up on the day of the event.

So, if you are interested in preparing well for this year’s race, please complete the Register Now details and I will send you through the recipe to perform in the 2018 “20 Beaches” event.



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