New Charity Partner for 2019 - Gotcha4Life Life


Shaw & Partners 20 Beaches Ocean Classic will support Gotcha4Life in 2019 and recognise the importance of mental fitness on the Northern Beaches.

“At Gotcha4Life we talk about Mental Fitness. That is, we believe in training your emotional muscle, building your social connections and thereby creating an underlying resilience that will serve us all well for the moment that adversity strikes. It is not good enough to only think about your physical fitness. The friendships that are made through sport, in training and in competition, help to build the connections that can support us through life's challenges. That is why it is fantastic to partner with high profile sporting events such as the 20 Beaches Ocean Classic as we see sporting role models in our community recognising the importance of mental fitness.” “We are thrilled that the 20 Beaches Ocean Classic has recognised this powerful link, and will be supporting Gotcha4Life this year. It is a fantastic event, so grab your mate and register now if you are an experienced paddler,” said Gotcha4Life CEO Tim Hodgson.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Gotcha4Life for our race this year, as we have seen the strong impact mental illness has had on the Northern Beaches over the past few years. We hope this partnership will help raise awareness to the mental health benefits of being off shore and immersed in the pristine ocean, whilst training and racing with good mates “ says Justin Ryan, Director of 20 Beaches Foundation.

 Please consider donating to Gotcha4Life when completing your online race entry.  Funds will enable more educational workshops, innovative training programs and products that build mental fitness in communities across Australia. 

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